cnusers.org provides community support for Cavium Processor users, especially for users that do not have a direct relationship with Cavium Networks, such as those that have purchased hardware from a Cavium Networks partner or an evaluation board from a Cavium Networks distributor. This site is intended to be used in parallel to and complement the existing Cavium Networks Tech support site, which serves companies that have a direct relationship with Cavium Networks.

cnusers.org has 5 main areas:

This area consists of Linux software and documentation that can be downloaded. Community files do not require any registration before downloading. Registered Community Users files require registration before downloading files.

cnusers SDK require registration before downloading files

  • SDK
  • Documents
2 Discussion Groups

This area enables members to share their experience and interact with each other.

a. cnusers SDK

These groups enable users to ask questions of other community members and learn from previous discussions. Groups in this category are monitored by Cavium Networks personnel.

b. Partner Discussion Groups

These groups are administered and monitored by Cavium Networks Partners. They typically require moderator approval to join and host Partner-specific information, demos, product information, BSPs for specialized hardware and the like.

c. User Project Groups

This area is intended for users who want to start their own groups dedicated to topics related to Cavium Networks products, specific projects, etc.

3. Product Table

This area provides a quick reference to all of Cavium Networks products

4. Partners Directory

This area provides a list or publicly announced Cavium Networks partners and lists related news, provides product links and other such information

5. Contact us
  This areas provides information on how to contact Cavium Networks
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