Discussion Groups

This is an open discussion group for all registered users. Any registered user can create a new discussion group under ‘User Project Groups and General’ and the Cavium Networks Partners can create a new group under ‘Partner Discussion Groups’.

The discussion groups have been categorized as below:

  1. Open
  2. Approval required
  3. Private

Open Groups
Any registered user can join this group by clicking on 'Join this group!' link

Approval required Group
Any registered user can send a request to group moderator by clicking on 'Join this group!' link and must get moderator's approval to join this group.

Private Group
Users are not allowed to directly join this group. Group moderator's invitation and approval are required.

Other Features for Group Members.

Invite your Friends.
Group Member can invite their friends to join the group.

Leave Group
Group member can leave or delete his account from a group.

Group member can check all members of that group.

Group Forum
Group member can view and post topics in group forum.

Group Bulletin
Group member can view and post bulletin.

Group Moderator Privileges

Following are the additional privileges for Group Moderator.

Delete Group
Moderator can delete the group at any time.

Edit Group Info
Moderator can edit the group name, group type (i.e Approval required to Open) and upload group logo.

Inactive users
If the group type is ‘Approval required’ or ‘Private’ then the users request status will be pending for approval. Group moderator can Approve or Reject the users request by clicking on ’Inactive users‘ link.

Group Moderator can Delete or Inactivate the members by clicking on ‘Members’ link.

Group forum
Group moderator will be the default moderator of group forum.