The mission of the Cavium Networks Users Site, cnusers.org, is to provide a platform for expanding and supporting the user community for the Cavium Networks’ processors, promoting the use of these processors in networking, communication, wireless, server, storage, connected home and office appliances and video systems, and fostering the innovative use of Cavium processors in new markets.

The Cavium Networks Users Site, cnusers.org aims to:
  • Provide a single community destination for sharing software such as Linux-based software on OCTEON MIPS64 and ECONA ARM processors.
  • Extend the availability and programmability of Cavium Networks processors such as the OCTEON and ECONA family to the worldwide technical audience
  • Expand support for Cavium Networks processors beyond Cavium Networks engineers, sales and distributors, and to partners and the wider design community
  • Seed new open source projects that will ultimately benefit end-users of networking, communication, wireless, server and storage equipment based on Cavium Networks processors
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